new online casino trends in Australia

Australia’s Best New Online Casinos in 2021

With so many providers, it’s easy to lose track. We have compiled a list of the best online casinos for our readers:

Only reputable providers with a license
Good bonus offers for new players
Jackpots and slots from the gaming house
Fast websites with good navigation

For the evaluation of the best new casinos, there is, of course, not only our Top 10 list with our criteria. We have also considered how these new casinos have performed in other reviews and whether they have already been awarded internationally renowned prizes. These prizes are never awarded just like that, but the operators have to dress up their offers to receive correspondingly good ratings. The sound ratings include a wide range of games such as pokies, live casino games, and more.

Security and Seriousness of a New Online Casino

Other criteria for the rating also include some severe aspects. Of course, security and fairness must not be neglected.

In this respect, the reputation of the operator and the experiences of other players are essential. But also, the gambling license should not be ignored in the new online casino test.

Furthermore, the customer service should be available around the clock and in a suitable language (in this case, English). Depending on how the casinos score on these criteria, they will also score in the overall evaluation.

Criteria for the Evaluation of New Online Casinos

For an evaluation to make sense, we first set ourselves a framework within which the net’s multiple offers should be assessed. Those casinos that we chose were evaluated in more detail according to the following criteria:

The total number of games offered
The possibilities for you to win jackpots
Orientation towards players from Australia
Games that are available for mobile devices (iOS and Android)
Bonus in the respective casino, including the associated conditions
Proven fair games and the highest possible RTP values (payout rates)
Explanations, terms and conditions (T&Cs) and customer service
Payment methods offered, for example, credit card or e-wallets

The extent to which these listed criteria distinguish the good from the bad casinos and what it takes for a new casino to make it into the top league of the very best casinos on the net will now be explained to you in more detail:

Number of Games Offered

First and foremost, it is a matter of exploiting the one advantage over the standard casinos in a building. Whoever fails to do this has in principle already lost. Today, technical progress allows games (not only pokies) to be presented and carried out in a way that one would not even have dreamed of years ago. The possibilities offered by electronics to add additional functions to a game or present it in a particular way are almost infinite.

Decisive for your personal experience in the online casino is sometimes also the themed landscape. There are even fewer limits in terms of design than with the possibilities in the respective processes of the games. Accordingly, we expect that these possibilities will also be used, with visual and acoustic features that will stick in your mind. If the design is visually and acoustically rather minimalist, we expect the gameplay to be something special so that you are not disappointed. However, games that are deliberately designed traditionally will also be honored.

No fixed numbers

As far as the actual number of games is concerned, we have not fixed ourselves to a certain number. However, the motto for the pokies is that there should be as many as humanly possible. Compared to a building, the internet is almost infinite, so there is never a space shortage. In any case, other game genres should be offered in addition to pokies because otherwise, you could get bored with all the pokies.

Like the pokies, the other types of games from the classic casinos should also be available on one page. Table games such as blackjack, roulette, or baccarat should be available, and not only in the classic versions. After all, all statements regarding technical progress also apply to these games. It is quite possible to play classic table games in modified forms or integrate them into themed worlds, which has become almost typical for pokies.

The offer can be rounded off with game forms that you might not even find in a conventional casino. Bingo games or scratch cards can also be offered thanks to technical progress. If you see such games in your online casino, you are welcome to consider them as nice extras. However, these types of games are not necessarily to be found in every online casino, which in our opinion should not necessarily be blamed on a casino.

Game Producers

The best new online casinos naturally have a large number of different game producers. This is especially important for the range of pokie machines and video pokies, as each developer realizes his game ideas here. While online roulette, for example, always plays very similarly, the pokie machines of the various manufacturers can be worlds apart.

At least 15 different games should be represented in an online casino. This provides the necessary variety.

Aiming at players from Australia

Quality is at least as important as quantity. We do not set international standards. Most of our readers come from Australia and Austria. First and foremost, we want to recommend casinos that meet the tastes of our readers.

A few years ago, very few gambling websites on the internet had in the lobby what Australian players like. The providers’ international management thought that Aussie players would already like what was put in front of them.

Only in recent years has there been a change in thinking. More and more online casinos are including an English-language live roulette table in their program. Pokies that we know from Australian gaming arcades are also becoming more popular online. We analyze how well the game selection is tailored to Australia and include this in the rating.

Opportunities for Jackpot Wins

Almost every visitor to a casino, whether online or offline, probably has more or less the same goal: to win, if possible, with an as little stake as possible. In many cases, the hope of a win is more wishful thinking, but if it should ever work out, the biggest possible win would, of course, be a blessing. If you hit the jackpot, spin the right wheel or drop the ball into the right hole, you would probably like to win the jackpot. However, you can’t find it everywhere.

If a casino offers a jackpot, it does not necessarily have to be limited to a single game. Especially with pokies, the jackpot of different games or machines is often connected and thus becomes a large jackpot. Within the individual games or machines, however, there are usually opportunities for further, albeit smaller, jackpot winnings at the same time.

If a casino does not offer a jackpot, you have to rely on smaller winnings, which means that you have to play many more games, as the individual winnings can never come close to the sum of a jackpot. However, this is often made more accessible by free spins.

The Winning Possibilities and Payout Ratio of a New Online Casino

In addition to the variable jackpot winnings, we can also broaden our view a little. Excellent online casinos are characterized by games with high average payout ratios and games with high main winnings. The latter include games with fixed jackpots.

When assessing the casinos, we attach importance to the fact that players have good opportunities to win something. Those who do not have convincing values in this category do not make it into our recommendation list of the best casinos.

Availability of Games for Mobile Devices

Another consequence of technological progress is that your waistcoat pocket is often already big enough for an online casino. If the casino is playable on your smartphone, you can figuratively take it with you wherever you go. For the casino, there are two possibilities: Design the games so that they can also be played in the mobile browser or create an app in which all suitable games are combined.

The trend is going in the direction of games that can also be played via mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets. Whether iOS or Android should usually not play a role here. Downloading an app for a casino, on the other hand, means a little extra effort that not everyone may want to put up with merely. Besides, there are the extended data security requirements that also arise with an app.

The best online casino must be optimized for all mobile phones and tablets. This is important to us in the evaluation, which is why we always test with several devices. If a provider has good programmers, then it can be set up well in the browser casino. The best online casinos have one thing in common: they have a well-designed user interface that allows players to quickly and easily navigate the website.

It must be possible to find all account functions such as the live chat, the cashier area, and the bonus menu quickly and easily. Only then can we give an online casino a perfect report card and recommend it to our readers.

Proven Fair Games and High Payout Rates

These are two different things, both of which you should find in detail on your new online casinos’ homepages. It is crucial that your casino is proven reputable and does not almost penalize you for playing with an excessively high house edge. Since both of these things are directly related to a casino operator’s transparency, we have decided to combine these two points in our evaluation.

How reputable a casino operates is usually very easy to recognize from the licenses and certificates that the casinos have received from the relevant authorities and assessment institutes. Most of the time, casinos are licensed in countries that are considered centers for gambling, such as CuraƧao or, within the European Union, Malta’s island state. Malta’s license is valid throughout the Union’s territory following EU legislation unless there are specific conditions in a country that should contradict this.

A number determined by the respective casino (the calculation of which, however, usually remains secret) is the house edge, respectively the payout rate. These are directly related to each other, whereby the latter is also often referred to in English as RTP (Return to Player). The higher the RTP rate, the greater the long-term chances for you as a player to make a profit. However, in short-term periods, with less game volume, the RTP ratio is again virtually meaningless.

You must find the information on both the proven fair games and the payout rates on an online casino website. If you cannot see this information, you should contact the respective customer service.

Explanations, Terms and Conditions and Customer Service

Problems also rarely, if ever, stick to any time of day or daylight. No one hopes for this, but they can occur around the clock. Accordingly, the ideal would be customer service that could also be reached around the clock in the desired language and as efficiently as possible. Since the catchment area of the language does not extend worldwide, it often remains a pious wish in this respect. Especially at late hours, it is often possible to reach English-speaking customer service immediately. You can always contact via e-mail, but you can usually only expect an answer the next day.

The most common languages on offer are English and a selection of languages from the Nordic region, such as Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish. The terms and conditions should also be written in English so that you can understand the small print and are not suddenly faced with conditions you have never heard of.

What will the year 2021 bring?

The fact is that new online casinos are continually appearing on the scene. On the other hand, there are more aged providers. Some of them keep reinventing themselves. Others are slowly but surely becoming boring.

We always keep our best list up to date by continually running new tests. We are curious to see who improves and worsens in 2021.

Gambling is subject to constant change; we’ll stay on the ball.

Conclusion on the Best Australian New Online Casinos

Keeping a complete overview in this jungle is certainly not easy. Nevertheless, this evaluation should help you distinguish them better and the excellent casinos from the somewhat worse ones. The other pages on gambling topics that we offer here can also be beneficial.

This way, you can turn your money into good gambling and avoid the potential black sheep at the same time. Nevertheless, we are aware that tastes and related needs can be highly varied and individual.